This weeks fast focus


Prayer focus for USA

  • break through glassProtection of Government & Leaders
    (president, congressmen, senators, legislators, judges, police)
  • Prayer Warriors to come forth and commit to pray daily for the USA
  • Evil agendas and mindset contaminating the youth of our nation be dismantled
  • Plans of our enemies to be DISMANTLED
  • A Spirit of Humility for our new leaders and that they will stay the course and do what is right in God’s eyes.
  • Protection around the USA borders, cities and infrastructures
  • Protection over the schools and Universities

Prayer Focus Martiele Swanko Ministries/Dynamic Prayer Network

  • New House/office space
  • Financial Partners to come forth
  • Current students that have stepped out to Minister to grow deeper in their Gifting
  • Those that have a desire to hear the voice of God, know their gifting and calling will come and be trained.
  • Prayer warriors and people that love to fast will find our website and join us to pray.
  • Those called to be at DPN Leadership training will answer the call
  • All the members in our database that submit prayer request will get their breakthrough. They will see a supernatural turn around in their lives and family.
  • The anointing to increase on the network- signs, miracles, and salvation

Please pray along with us this prayer of dedication as you begin your fast

Father in Jesus name we dedicate this time of fasting to you for the network’s areas of focus, all the prayers posted on our website prayer board and for all the personal prayers that were submitted during our fast. We stand in agreement with everyone fasting. 

We ask for grace and strength to complete the fast. We believe your word that says in Isaiah 58:6,” Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?” We now decree breakthrough and healing for every request. 

Healing from every sickness, disease and emotional stress. Breakthrough for financial burdens, better jobs and your justice in court cases. Restoration of broken relationships, and freedom from generational curses. We thank you in advance for releasing these burdens and for loosening all the heavy yokes. In Jesus name we pray Amen.


fasting quoteAre you experiencing spiritual warfare and can’t seem to get your breakthroughs? Joining a team of Believers that pray and fast for you every Monday, maybe your answer.

We are a team of believers, dedicated to equipping warriors with prayer shields. We want to assist you with extra protection and prayer coverage so that you can receive breakthroughs and fulfill your destiny.

It is simple, powerful, and brings results! Fast when you can…Maybe a whole day or half day, whatever you can do, is going to help bring results. Join us by clicking below and share this invitation with a friend. We are here for you!

Why Do We Fast?… Because Christ Expects it of us as Christians.

Jesus did not tell us that we had to fast. But, He expects that we will. He said, “when you fast…” (Matthew 6:16) Fasting simply brings the spirit man into ascendance over the flesh. 

It also limits the influence of the physical appetites so that you can more effectively hear from and respond to His Spirit. 

Jesus taught, that after His departure, the entire dynamic would change and the disciples would need a different type of preparation and provision. Fasting was to be a vital part of this new preparation. We not only need to pray, meditate, and study God’s Word, but we should also employ the discipline of fasting.

 It is a powerful weapon from God, that helps bring transformation, revelation, deliverance, and breakthroughs. Fasting does not change God, it changes you! Try it and find out for yourself! Join us Mondays, as your schedule permits, to fast and pray for each other. 

There is power in the prayer of agreement.

You choose the type of fast you can do.

 Register below and then pray the decree on Monday before you start your fast. Lift up the prayers requested and God will do the rest! At 9 pm, join in our celebration prayer time via a conference call. We pray for 25 minutes together and then minister to those on the call. Those that are in need of a healing miracle, will be prayed for as well.

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