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Booking form for Pet Boarding. Please fill out and send back the agreement signed. We also will need your pet medical records showing vaccines are up to date. Any questions, Text us at 305-274-4880. Thank you!

Swanky Pups Camp Agreement

a Division of Swanky Enterprises, LLC
19420 NW 7th Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029 (305)274-4880

Please read the below information and fill out the agreement. This ensures your reservation with a 50% deposit to guarantee your space. Also, please fill out our additional form, Swanky Pups Camp Registration. Deposits can be made in Cash or Check.
You will receive an email pdf document of this agreement, for you to print out, and sign your original signature on it as well. Please bring it with you when you drop off your pet.
Name (Pet Owner)
Is your Pet Fully Innoculated?
Example: Distemper, Facial Worm Check, Heartworm, Influenza, Bordetella

Name of Vet:

The undersigned agree to the following at all times when securing pet boarding services from Swanky Enterprises, LLC, hereinafter referred to as Swanky Pups Camp.  The overnight period begins when the Pet is left, and ends at Noon (12pm) on the day of Pick-Up.  A daycare fee will be charged for pick-ups after 12:01pm.  Any pick-up or drop-off after 6:00pm will be charged the overnight fee.


  1. The Boarding fee per Pet for each overnight period is $40.00, with pick-up by 6:00

An additional fee for daycare pick-up after 6:00 PM is $10.00 per hour (or part thereof).

At the time of signing of this Agreement, Client shall pay for one-half (1/2) of the anticipated costs under this Agreement and the balance shall be due and payable from the Client upon picking up their pet.   The daycare fee is $25.00 per guest from 8:00 AM — 6:00 PM.

  1. Client agrees that prompt payment shall be made for all invoices or bills submitted for pet expenses and pet care services upon completion of A charge of $50.00 shall be charged for any checks returned for non- payment. In the event any legal action is commenced for collection of sums due for fees and costs, to enforce or interpret any provision of this Agreement or as a result of the relationship created hereby, the prevailing party shall be entitled to be compensated for all attorney's fees and costs incurred in collection, enforcement, at trial and on appellate levels.
  1. SWANKY PUPS CAMP is authorized to perform care and services as provided in this Agreement and authorized to seek emergency veterinary care with SWANKY PUPS CAMP being fully released from all liability related to transportation, treatment, and Should the Pet's specified veterinarian be unavailable, SWANKY PUPS CAMP will use the services of Dr. Jodi Thannum DVM of Extra Care Animal Hospital, 950 S. Flamingo Rd. Davie, Fl. 33325 (954) 370- 0203, or an alternate veterinary facility in the general area. SWANKY PUPS CAMP is authorized to obtain or approve      veterinary treatment, (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by the Veterinarian. Owner agrees to SWANKY PUPS CAMP for any expenses incurred, plus any additional fees for attending to this need or any    expenses         incurred for any other food, medicines or supplies needed.
  1. To assure the Pet's safety and well-being, Owner warrants and certifies, that the Pet has undergone recent blood testing for heartworm, ehrlichia, lyme disease and anaplasma (4 in 1 test), have a negative result, and are currently taking preventative medicines (Heartguard, Frontline, or similar), and is up-to-date with all required immunizations (rabies, bordetella, every 6 months, canine influenza vaccine, fecal examination, parvo, DA2P/C). However, if SWANKY PUPS CAMP or any other animal in our care, is bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease or ailment received from the Pet, it is the Owner's responsibility to pay all costs and damages
  1. Owner understands that during the period of time that the Pet remains in the care of SWANKY PUPS CAMP that the Pet's condition upon pick up shall not be subject to grooming, bathing or cleaning of the Should Owner desire to have the Pet groomed, bathed or cleaned, prior arrangements need to be made with SWANKY PUPS CAMP for  which a separate charge shall be agreed upon.
  1. Please provide a harness with identification tags in place of a Please restrain your pet on a leash upon arrival and departure.
  1. In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, SWANKY PUPS CAMP. is entrusted to use its best judgment in caring for pets and will be held harmless for consequences related to such
  1. In the event of a personal emergency or illness of SWANKY PUPS CAMP. Owner authorizes us to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities provided for in this
  1. In the event of death, personal emergency, illness, or incapacity of the Owner, Owner authorizes and instructs SWANKY PUPS CAMP to arrange and deliver the Pet to the Emergency Contact Person identified If SWANKY PUPS CAMP delivers the Pet to the emergency contact person,

SWANKY PUPS CAMP will have no further liability or obligation to Owner or Owner's family, estate and heirs.

  1. SWANKY PUPS CAMP agrees to provide the services stated in this contract in a reliable, caring & trustworthy In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the Client
  1. expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims for negligence, damages or otherwise against SWANKY PUPS CAMP.
  1. Should the Owner fail to reclaim the Pet within four (4) days of the date the Pet was to be pick up by the Owner, SWANKY PUPS CAMP may place the Pet in the local animal
  1. The utmost care is given to your Pet, however due to the unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for, and shall be held harmless for any mishaps of any extraordinary or unusual nature (i.e. biting, rough play, injuries, disappearance or accidental death), or any complications when medications are administered to your It is also expressly agreed that SWANKY PUPS CAMP shall not be responsible or liable for, and the Owner hereby releases, discharges and acquits SWANKY PUPS CAMP  for any and all claims for injury or loss, of any nature whatsoever to  your Pet or your Pet's items resulting in any way from or in fashion arising from, connected with or resulting  from day care or overnight contracts. Owner agrees that it assumes all such liability and will indemnify and save the harmless, SWANKY PUPS CAMP from any liabilities, damages, causes of action, suits, claims for negligence or breach  of contract, judgment, costs and expenses of any kind, including attorney's fees and costs relating to or arising from or in connection with this Agreement irrespective of the cause of the injury whether the claim is based on contract.
  1. SWANKY PUPS CAMP may terminate this Agreement at any time before or during its term if SWANKY PUPS CAMP in its sole discretion determine that the Pet poses a danger to the health or safety of other pets or to SWANKY PUPS CAMP. If            concerns prohibit us from caring for the Pet, Owner authorizes SWANKY PUPS CAMP  to place the Pet in another local kennel      or local shelter, with all charges there from to be paid and charged to the Owner
  1. SWANKY PUPS CAMPS reserves the right to use any and all pictures or videos taken of your pet(s), to be used for reprints on website, social media, or books for publication. This contract is valid from date of this agreement until January 1, 2020 for any of our services.
  1. The parties represent that this Agreement is the entire agreement between the Parties and there are no oral or other written representations, promises or agreements, which exist between them not specifically contained

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Swanky Enterprises, LLC D/B/A SWANKY PUPS CAMP

Martiele Swanko, MGR
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