Martiele Swanko


Martiele Swanko was born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida. She was born during a time which her mother Marcella describes as one of the most difficult in their lives. 

Doctors were not sure if her premature born child was going to live (Martiele was going to be her twelfth!) Martiele was given “last rites” twice, by the family priest. Marcella, who knew the power of prayer, asked God to let her baby live and made a promise to Him, assuring that Martiele would be raised to serve Him.

 Marcella’s prayer was answered, and the promise she made would be fulfilled. Martiele first heard the salvation message at a Young Life meeting at age 17, and it was there, that she decided to dedicate her life to Christ. Martiele’s parents instilled in their children the importance of giving back to their communities, and it was Marcella, the spiritual force, that taught the importance of prayer, regular church attendance, and living for Christ. 

By age nineteen, Martiele started campus ministries at local colleges which enabled her to teach the Word of God to college students. 

But it wasn’t until she traveled around the country with Charles and Francis Hunter’s Healing Ministry, that her passion to heal the sick was birth as she saw healings take place when she prayed for the sick.

Martiele went on to spearhead ministries at her local church for nursing homes and hospital ministries that she would lead every Saturday for church members to visit and pray for the sick. This was a miraculous time for Martiele. 

She witnessed many salvations and healings first hand. She loved the bright smiles that exuded from the residents when God would show up and performed miracles. In 1987, she became a chaplain volunteer for Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida. This opened the door for her to visit, encourage, and pray for their patients.

After college, Martiele founded an advertising company, which led her to produce and publish “The Trumpeter Magazine” in 1993. 

It was a four color, glossy Christian magazine covering four counties in South Florida. It showcased a local event’s calendar, editorials, and special features. “The Trumpeter” was dedicated to helping others find Christ, and motivating them to get involved in spreading God’s Word. 

In 1996, realizing the need to reach the Hispanic communities, Martiele branched out with a Hispanic Magaine version named “ El Trompetero”. Martiele published the magazines for nine years, after which they graduated to a sophisticated online vehicle for networking the Christian marketplace. 

In 1995, Martiele founded The Trumpeter Foundation. The Foundation was the non-profit arm of the magazines, enabling her to teach at Christian conferences, where she preached the Gospel and demonstrated the Kingdom of God. 

Martiele’s ministry is punctuated by many miracles and healings, as well as “signs and wonders” that confirm the Word of God. While there exists much “word” teachings today …there also exists a lack of people who teach, train and activate the saints in their spiritual gifts. 

Today her ministry is known as Martiele Swanko Ministries (MSM). Her goal is to help individuals connect to their callings through daily prayer teams. Martiele believes prayer must be the foundation in every Believer’s life.

 In 2010, she started a grassroots Intercessory Prayer Group, which is known as Dynamic Prayer Network. DPN’s mission is to prepare one to become an effective, targeted and scripturally-based Prayer Warrior through training, teachings and activations with personal coaches on one of “God’s holy hotlines” via a conference call.

 Martiele has seen amazing results and countless lives have been changed using this method.
MSM offers regular classes concerning the gifts of the spirit, team ministry and prayer. 

All of her courses are designed to allow the saints to experience God’s power working through them. Students will establish, increase and deepen their ministry flow in prayer and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Through this, they will learn to properly receive and minister personal ministry to others, pray for the sick, lead others in the prayer of salvation, the Holy Spirit, and much more.

Martiele has worked with various ministries over the past thirty years. She lives on a mission to show people that God is not just a “beautiful fairy tale”, but that He is alive, real, and loves each one of us. 

This mission is the force that fueled her passion to establish her Foundation. As a minister, Martiele is called to equip the Body of Christ to operate in the “Gifts of the Spirit”, as well as helping people to understand how to connect to their callings. She teaches how to enter into the presence and glory of God through an active prayer life.

She is excited about being a part of “raising up God’s End-Time Army.” Martiele is an Ordained Minister under Joan Hunter Ministries. She currently resides in South Florida, where she pursues a lifestyle of shining her light in her spheres of influence.