Why Monday Miracles
was Birthed?

Martiele Swanko was given her last rights twice
after birth, but miraculously survived.

During her childhood years, Martiele learned from her Mother that she was a Miracle baby because, when she was born, she was not expected to live. She was her Mother’s twelfth child.

But her Mother had promised God that she would dedicate herself to always teach her child to serve the Lord, If He would heal her. 

A few days later, Martiele was released from the Hospital and sent home! Throughout the years Martiele’s Mother occasionally would remind her that she was a Miracle baby and that God had a special plan for her life.

Additionally, Martiele believes that her visits to the Hospital as a child when the nurses referred to her as the Miracle baby and her survival story also planted seeds to pray for the sick.

As Martiele grew in her faith and in her healing gifts, the desire to see the sick healed also grew. 

It was so strong in her heart because she knew how much God loved His Children, and How much He wanted to see his children well.

Martiele founded Nursing Home Ministries over the years and became a Chaplain Volunteer.

 Seeking additional ministerial training, she later joined the Charles and Francis Hunter Healing Ministries, at which time she ministered with them during their travels.

Everywhere she visited, Martiele began to preach and teach salvation and divine healing. Although she didn’t realize it at the time, this was the beginning of what would become a major part of her ministry. 

It would be a ministry founded on prayer and the healing truths in God’s Word… MSM Healing School was born.

Today, MSM Healing School is a place for those desiring healing and a deeper revelation of God’s Word on living in wellness. 

In these powerful services, Martiele Swanko shares faith-building scriptures and a life-changing message that will set you free! At the end of each meeting, Prayer for the Sick is offered. Many have been healed miraculously.

Those who attend the MSM Prayer and Healing School will learn how to pray not only for their own lives but for others as well. They will learn how to receive and keep their healings. And they will learn by example how to minister healing to others.