Global Mission

If you have been serving for years, feel the calling on your life to minister, yet passed over by leadership,this could be your turning point! Preparation to fulfill your calling is paramount.
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As part of the Dynamic Prayer Network Ministers in Training you will be trained,to step out of your comfort zone.
Our final frontier to practice! Global Missions – ministering team on the go. As a Minister in Training, you will be equipped, and advanced to operate in your spiritual gifts.
Global Mission is a wide platform for Ministers in Training students to demonstrate and apply what was learned.
You will meet new people and form new connections. Experience what it means to be in the field. Ministering with a team, set apart to serve as altar ministers in conferences,special events at churches locally and globally.
Seeing the people, praying and ministering under the anointing to large groups. It will be your turn to step to the microphone.
Stepping out by faith will increase your boldness.
You will grow as fast as you are willing… because the spirit is more willing Matt. 26:41