Dynamic Leadership Training was established to be a place where those called into Leadership could be trained as well as come to learn their spiritual gifts and areas of calling.  Here, you are given the opportunity to use your gifts and Learn How to Flow                  by the Spirit.

Our Vision is to train a generation of Leaders who will train others, and we want to                assist them in this task.

Student Ministers

The mission of the Martiele Swanko Ministry is to equip the body of Christ by providing a platform for training, studying, ministering, and serving.

 The Friday Night Service is a special time provided for all our students to practice ministry. 

Staying rooted and built up in the Lord, established in the faith as taught is critical to your growth.

 Taking and maintaining new levels in the Spirit is ensured through practice. Students are allowed to step forward and be led by the Spirit using their Spiritual Gifts. Preaching, teaching, singing and ministering words of encouragement to members and guests.

Dynamic Leadership Training

Leaders are encouraged to step out into their gifts: Teaching, Deliverance, Preaching, Technology, Writing, Counseling etc.

Lifelong friendships.

Fruits of the Spirit emerges.

Boldness emerges as you launch out into uncharted territory by the Spirit

We offer help, prayer, and counseling. To hold your hands up and support you when you need it.

Hands On Experience

Just as Doctors have residency training after formal education or Pilots not only take a written exam but also a hands-on oral exam in the air with an approved instructor, so too should those called into leadership in the Church be required to have hands on training from seasoned mentors from an early start.

DLTN recognized the need to give hands on experience for lay people and those that feel called into ministry, something lacking in most local churches.


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Join Us every monday as we fast for you and our team members.

Learn how to lead while  using your newly found spiritual gifts.

Come out to hear a powerful message, take communion with family,  and receive personal ministry.

Learn what spiritual gifts you have and how you hear best from God. Get Activated Today.

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