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Prayer – When Marriage Vows are Broken

Prayer – Victory over Fear

Prayer – Victory over Depression

Prayer – Unforgiveness

Prayer – To Watch What You Say

Prayer – To Set Proper Priorities

Prayer – To Parent With Wisdom

Prayer – To Operate in Discernment

Prayer – To Know Gods Will

Prayer – To Bring Honor to God as a Parent

Prayer – Single Male Trusting God for a Mate

Prayer – Single Female Trusting God for a Mate

Prayer – Restore Your Relationship With God

Prayer – Restore Relationships With People

Prayer – Resting in the Lord

Prayer – Receiving Forgiveness

Prayer – Protection

Prayer – Prosperity

Prayer – Prayer for Anger and Bitterness

Prayer – Prayer for Addiction to Prescriptions

Prayer – Prayer Against Rebellion

Prayer – Healing from Traumas

Prayer – Letting Go of the Past

Prayer – Overcoming Betrayal

Prayer – Peace in Jerusalem

Prayer – Prayer Against Addiction

Prayer – For Healing

Prayer – For Children With Special Needs

Prayer – Encouragement

Prayer – Employment

Prayer – Confessions for one to speak over their life

Prayer Guidelines for Prayer Team members

Prayer – Break Generational Curses

Prayer – Cleansing the Heart