DPN Fast Schedule

  • 24 hr Fast Every Monday
  • Daniel Fast 21 days – January & Sept

When does DPN Fasting Team Fast?

1. Every Monday – (Intermittent Fast / 24 hr. Sunday Dinner to Monday Dinner): Monday is our dedicated day to fast. A time to jump start our week. Many have testified to the breakthroughs and discipline occurring in their lives from the Monday fasting.Please click here to see the weeks fast focus and join us!

2. January and September of each year – (Solemon Fast / 2 to 3 weeks at a time): The Daniel Fast (click here for Daniel Fast Diet) is based on the fasting experiences of the Old Testament Prophet. It’s a partial fast where some foods are eaten while others are restricted. Daniel 1:12, which states,

“Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables [pulses] to eat and water to drink.”

3. 1 – 3 days Fast – (Group Fasts): We set aside special occasions for fasting. For our team members or Special needs globally or nationally. Our desire is to see the nations and the body of Christ set free from the dominion of darkness. Click here to see the Special fasting. For more information text : (561)235 – 2335

4. 24 hr Fast Every Monday.

5. Daniel Fast 21 days – January & Sept.