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Please fill out this form and be as specific as you can with your answers. We want to place you in the areas you enjoy most and help you achieve your goals by getting any Req. Service Hours done! Once you fill this form out, text the office at 561-235-2335, so we can then make sure we received this entry. Then, we will call you to set up a time to Meet with you. **ALL OFFICE ADMIN WORK REQUIRES YOU TO HAVE YOUR OWN LAPTOP.
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  • What degrees do you have? Technical, HighSchool, College etc
  • What are the Total Hours you are required to do by Law?
  • How many hours do you want to work a week? How many a month? Do you want to get your hours done ASAP or take your time.
  • Be as specific as you can so we can try to place you where you will enjoy and do best.
  • What computer knowledge do you have, do you enjoy making calls, posting social media, accouting, quickbooks, website work, SEO, writing, data entry, cleaning, organizing, walking dogs etc.
  • List what you like to do, admin work, lawn, outside work, phone calls, social media, writing, accounting, cleaning, organizing, teaching Piano, photography, etc


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