When you enroll in the Dynamic School of Supernatural Ministry Online, you are able to access various classes in different ways. Your virtual education starts now! Connect through live conference call via webinars from your computer or mobile devices!
The Class, MSG#1, has been set up as a rotating class, meaning that when level one class ends, it will start over again for new students. No matter where we are in the chapters, new students are welcome and encouraged to jump right in and join the current class and then students who choose this route can start all over with the next class, to make up missed chapters, so as to accommodate your busy schedules.
The class material includes an extensive Manual to accompany the teaching. It is 26 hours of study condensed into 12 chapters. Want a head to start? Register early so that your workbook arrive with ample time to study. Workbooks are mailed to each student, enroll on time.

MSG Levels 2,3 and 4 please text 561-235-2335 for schedule


Payments made here: 
and can be made through PAYPAL or  STRIPE