Dynamic Prayer Network

Are you a Seasoned Intercessor? Are you new to the art of Prayer?
Either way, there is a place here for you!

Dynamic Prayer Network (DPN) is an online community of Believers that pray for each other. All our members understand the critical importance of unified prayer that covers their lives, loved ones, jobs, and ministry. Prayer is your Shield. At DPN, we are all committed to pray, stand, fight, and fast for each other.

Maybe you are one that has always Prayed alone… Why not give it a try praying with other like-minded Believers. No matter what level of prayer warrior you are, praying with a team will encourage and uplift your spirit. It’s only a phone call away or a click onto the web.

Sometimes It’s hard to connect to your local church prayer groups because your life is so busy. Your heart wants to participate, but you don’t have the time. However, if you could pray from the comforts of your own home or car, and not spend the time in travel, that could make the difference you need to be able to join in and grow with a prayer group. DPN could be your answer!

Whether you are a business professional, minister, or a homemaker, the attraction to this ministry is the prayer push. Martiele Explains, “We don’t have enough people praying for us, especially those called to work in the Kingdom!

The foundation of any work for God must be covered, fueled and birthed in prayer. Through a united effort of powerful daily prayer covering, and anointed prophetic prayers for deliverance, healing, and protection, you will be pushed forward towards your spiritual destinies.

Come and experience the intimacy and friendship. We meet weekly; Monday and Friday at 8 PM EST to 8:55 PM EST. for intercessory prayer. After prayer, our 9 PM meeting follows

Intercessory Prayer Classes

Prayer Class Outline


The Role of Prayer in the life of Jesus, Levels of Prayer, Types of Prayer


Learn How to Pray, How to pray with people, Groups, Prayer Partner, Alone time with the Lord, Prophetic Prayer, Decreeing the Scriptures

How to Approach the Throne

Faith, Authority of Believer, Know the Word of God, Boldness & Remembrance of His Word


Understanding the 5 Fold Ministry, Prayer and your Calling, DPN Prayer Network vision

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Are you a Prayer Warrior?

Intercessory Prayer Registration

If you have a calling as an intercessor, we would love to have you join our team! By signing this form, you agree to participate in our 7:30PM - 8PM EST intercessory prayer meeting, held on Mon. & Fri., as your schedule permits. Also, we ask you TO lift up this ministry for at least 15 mins. to 1 hour per day, specifically for the needs & direction of this ministry. If you can't make the meeting times, just let us know. Text our Office at 561-235-2335 and we will be in touch with you. We want to work with you however we can! God bless you.
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