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Fasting is one of the greatest weapons we have as Christians. As Believers, we need to incorporate fasting as a way of life. Fasting brings spiritual change and also helps in the area of your health. Join us every Monday for a 24 hr Fast and for our 21 Day Daniel Fast 2x a year. It brings amazing results. Signup today for notifications to stay in formed about Fasting events and information. And, join us on telegram to chat with members and be encouraged.

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Please fill out this Form to let us know you want to join the Fasting Team and start fasting with us during the Daniel Fast-21 day Fast, Monday Fasts and others periodically during the year, as your time permits. This form must be filled out, as well as our Church Profile Form. We look forward to your participation on our Team...together, we will get our breakthroughs..Lets stand and agree with God's Word and Each Other. Any Questions, text us at 561-235-2335. Thank You!
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    Answering these questions will help us know where you are at and how to help you achieve your fasting goals. If you are new to fasting, don’t worry, we will be walking with on this journey together.
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