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Solemn Fasting Calendar

1. First Solemn fast – Starting Monday, January 09-24
2. Second Solemn Fast- After the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah- September 25- Oct. 9

Current Event

Join us in A Special Daniel Fast for 2 Weeks​

Prayer Focus

1. Pray for Financial & DPN Partners to come forth for this Ministry
2. Pray for those that need this type of training to find us.
3. Pray for wisdom/direction, so we can Continue to go up to new levels in the Spirit.
4. The benefactor that is going to give us $500,000.00, to come forth
5. Find our new office building space
6. Website developers to come forth
7. Volunteers to come forth and for us to place people into their callings/positions.


1. A soul cleaning – “… Without the toxins we put in our bodies, we not only give our bodies a break from the digestive process, but we also allow our spirits to be detoxed…”

2. A new desire for God- “…When we acknowledge through fasting that we need God to live, and to live more abundantly, we can begin to desire God in a new way…”

3. Increase in depth to praise and worship him- “…While we’re experiencing a new desire for Him through fasting, we should also emit a deeper praise as we think about everything God is to us and all He has done…”

4. A sensitivity to hear God’s voice-“… When we detox the spirit and become consumed with desire and praise for God, we become sensitive to His voice… “

5. A new satisfaction in doing God’s will- ” …When you finish your fast, renewed, full of energy, detoxed, with a new desire, a new praise and a sensitivity to God’s voice, you’ll find that the absence of food was small in comparison to what you gained…”



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