1. “A Three Day Fast” Esther 4:16 Acts 9 – Saul / the Apostle Paul PURPOSE: To Seek God in a time of Crisis or Trouble!
  2. “A Daniel Fast” 21 Day Duration Daniel 10:2-3 Eat no “pleasant food” (no bread, pasta, meat, sugar); just vegetables, fruit, and water PURPOSE: “To understand the vision; to get focus, clarity, strategy for life”
  3. “A One Day Fast” Leviticus 23:27 and Jeremiah 36:6 PURPOSE: “One day set aside each year for self-examination and consecration”
  4. “Fast Until Evening” Judges 20 PURPOSE: “To never take on a major battle without fasting” For any new initiative, business, plan, or undertaking, even if you’ve been clearly led by God.
  5. “The Humbling Fast” – (length and scope as the Lord lead you) 1 Kings 21:27-29 PURPOSE: To withhold God’s judgment on a loved one and to give them more time to experience His mercy. Humble yourself and intercede for someone “who knows better” but isn’t living it.
  6. “Healing Fast” 1 Samuel 30 and Isaiah 58:6-9 PURPOSE: To see miracles of healing
  7. “40 Day Fast” PURPOSE: To seek God for a greater sense of authority, where it has been lost, as in Jesus’ fast.
  8. “The Single Person’s Fast” Genesis 24:33 – the first time abstaining from food is mentioned in the Bible PURPOSE: To surrender to, and seek God’s will, for the person you will one day marry
  9. “A Fast for the Journey” Ezra 8:21-23 PURPOSE: To seek from the Lord direction for life, His blessings on our children, and His provision
  10. “National Revival” Jonah 3:4-10, Nehemiah 1 PURPOSE: To intercede for this nation